First Congregational Church

Fremont, Michigan
  714 Hillcrest Ave, Fremont, Michigan 49412   †  231.924.4710

  Worship Service 10 am Sunday † Reverend Ray Dekker, Minister


The First Congregational Church of Fremont welcomes  you to this site and to us. This website is a small snap-shot of what is the only Congregational Church in Fremont, Michigan.

We hope that if you visit Fremont or live locally, you will visit with us and discover what we already know about ourselves, that we are a great Fremont church, historically Congregational, biblically founded, and rich in tradition. You will be able to grow in your walk with Jesus Christ and at the same time make great friends here. 

It won't take you long to discover that this church, centrally located in Newaygo County, is a Congregational Church where God is worshipped, His Word is taught, and we as a people are faithful and welcoming.

 We are truly a family, rich in the relationship that matters most. If you’ve been thinking, praying, hoping, searching for a place to belong, we say to you – Welcome to First Congregational Church of Fremont, MI.

CONGO ~ Christians ON the GO

Discovering this church is to discover a friendly collection of individuals and families who believe they are in a journey - a journey of discovery, trying new things, and supporting each other as we search for truth and meaning in life. We want to experience ourselves and want others to join with us in experiencing what it means to be loved and accepted by God and other fellow travelers through life.

We are CONGO ~ Christians ON the GO!


Our Mission

At First Congregational Church, we desire to carry on the reconciling ministry of Jesus Christ. We are a place where all may feel welcome, loved and encouraged.

We believe God has given to us the people and the place where all may by grace find faith, forgiveness, support and friendships, and have the opportunity to help others find the same.


Welcome to Our New Members

We have been very Blessed to welcome, left to right, Jeff & Susan Stewart, Ron and Gail Graeser, & Linda & Gordon Oosterhouse, Lissa & Bernie Denney, into the fold of our Congregational Church on Sunday October 1st. Congratulations for joining our church family.

This year we have welcomed 14 new members into our congregation.
All are welcome to come worship with us.


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