First Congregational Church

Fremont, Michigan

   714 Hillcrest Drive, Fremont, Michigan 49412   †   231.924.4710

   Worship 10 am Sunday † Pastor Luke Schmalz

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FCC Fremont History

We live in the present and plan for the future, but history is what grounds us, what we build on, what we learn from, and what binds us together. History helps us to understand and thereby support one another, and perhaps most importantly on a personal level, it contains our memories. Is it any wonder that throughout history, people from every continent have gone to great lengths to record history, on cave walls and scrolls, in diaries, journals, letters, and family Bibles. We invented technology (the printing press) to accelerate and enhance ease of transmission through books, newspapers, magazines, and other written materials. And now, in what they're calling the "Information Age", the Internet facilitates global and instantaneous dissemination!

In 2010, First Congregational Church reaches 135 years of continuous presence, worship, development, community action, and history in Fremont, Michigan. Starting with our roots and stretching out to the tips of our branches reaching toward Our Father in Heaven, our history is our foundation and our edifice.

In Our Second Home: 1911-1961 the forward to a historical booklet published in celebration of our 125th Anniversary in 2000 (see the links below for pdfs of the main articles) and retracing FCC Fremont's history, then Pastor Frank A. Vietze reminds us that "History is prologue." He goes on to remind us that "we need to know who we are and where we are before we can plan where we will go".

It's an ages old commentary, and more applicable than ever in both our personal lives and on a global scale, given our accessibility today to an unprecedented spectrum of information and opportunity for experience.

Yet even as history serves as the narrative of our total experience, even as we value that Our Home Today: 1961 - narrative to evaluate and adjust our outlook, one true thing remains. All the memories, lessons, and achievements of yesterday, and the hopes, consequences, and rewards of tomorrow are bound together in the now moment. The now moment is what we live and enjoy, not only on Sunday mornings, but in our many activities and ministries at FCC Fremont. Please join us and see if we have what you are looking for in our now, that is made up of our history and our hope.

For the serious history buffs in our midst, we have posted below the main articles from that 2000 booklet, delineating our origins and progression through the years.