First Congregational Church

Fremont, Michigan

   714 Hillcrest Drive, Fremont, Michigan 49412   †   231.924.4710

   Worship 10 am Sunday † Pastor Luke Schmalz

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Our Gallery of Windows, rich in meaning and beauty, showcases our prized, historical stained glass windows, custom designed for First Congregational Church of Fremont. The windows graced the church sanctuary in our second (of three) church building, originally constructed in 1911. When the old building was leveled and our present day church building constructed in 1961, the windows were carefully preserved and assembled as a lighted installation adorning our new narthex, generously funded by the Charles White family, whose forebears were original founding members of FCC Fremont.

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Tools of the Harvest
Symbolic of the parable of the tares – Matthew 13:24-30
Lily and Bible
Symbolic of the purity of God's Holy Word
Sheaf of Wheat
"I am the Bread of Life." John 6:35
Symbolic of the purity of Christian faith
Cross and Crown
Symbolic of salvation and Lordship of the Christ
Cross, Laurel and Anchor
By this sign we conquer
Cross, Crown and Palm
Symbolic of the Passion of Christ
Symbolic of souls and peace
Symbolic of the Book of Psalms and all songs praising Almighty God
Symbolic of the Christ's words "I am the Light of the World." John 8:12
Faith, Hope and Charity
Symbolic of the Christian Faith I Corinthians 13:13
Bee Hive
Symbolic of diligence and the eloquence of the church
Cross, Laurel and Anchor
Symbolic of salvation and hope
The Word of God
Symbolic of steadfastness
Sheaf of Wheat
Symbolic of the human nature of Christ